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10 Strategic Black Friday Tips

10 Strategic Black Friday Tips

In your rush to find those bargains, and this year promises to be the Black Friday of all Black Fridays. Most deals are legitimate bargains, and the best way to ensure a deal is a deal is to know the prices of the items you wish to purchase.

This way you know when a sale sticker has just been added to an ordinary priced item. Also, specials known as Doorbusters are few and far between. A doorbuster is essentially a deeply discounted product and in reality is only a small percentage to the rest of the store inventory advertised on sale. Doing your homework means you can recognize a real deal.

Discounts are often inflated and may be misleading, judge the value of a product based on the sale price and how it compares with the item’s price at other stores.

Read the fine print, know the stores return policy, it will save you a lot of frustration should you wish to return any purchases.

Always keep your till slip, with the rise of counterfeit product available, retailers are inundated with chancers wishing to return or change size of product, your till slip proves your purchase from an authentic retailer – they will assist you.

To ensure you have the most painless and successful experience, take a look at these 10 simple but important tips that should have you smiling at the end of Black Friday.

  1. Start creating a wish list a month before Black Friday
  2. Specials this year are coming in early but many retailers will still have great deals around the 27th and on Cyber Monday
  3. Finalise your list based on your budget and stick to it
  4. Plan your shop, albeit online or brick and mortar stores
  5. Check out trading hours, they are often extended for this event
  6. Take cash or place a limit on your card to stop unplanned debt
  7. For maximum impact, bring support but we strongly suggest no kids
  8. Ensure you get enough sleep the night before, including a good breakfast
  9. Shop light – wear and carry only what you need, don’t forget your bags
  10. From the outset, have the attitude that you are going to have fun

Have a good and safe Black Friday, wear your masks and keep your distance as much as possible, don’t forget to sanitise your hands regularly.

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