Balling Style

Balling Swag Cold Weather Style

Balling Swag Cold Weather Style

Balling Swag Cold Weather Style, want to Ball swag through this winter?

Do you know how to keep both warm and your swag 100% up there with no sweat?

Skipper Bar has you covered with our just-in adidasNikePuma and Guess drops to keep you warm and in style.

Bafethu, weather shouldn’t stop you from looking and feeling like a star. You and Skipper Bar own the city when it comes to street smart style and you are sure to be the game at any event or in any situation. Set yourself up with an adidas branded sweater paired with stylish Guess jeans and Puma Bari sneakers to be the meanest game, around!




Build your unique signature by combining minimalist wardrobe basics with colours that highlight your look pallet.

Themba is wearing the adidas E 3S Khaki sweater matched with blue straight leg Guess jeans and white adidas VS Advantage sneakers topping his look. This colour pallet is a sure win on chill days.



Mixing up your style with classic trendy adidas pieces like the classic adidas crew neck sweater paired with black London Republic skinny jeans and finished off with the bold black and red Nike Ebernon sneakers makes for a versatile and edgy look.


Whatever your style, be it laid back and slick or edgy and versatile, Skipper Bar is game set and match for you. Your active and unique sense of street style can be found at your nearest Skipper Bar stores here.



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