Black Friday

Get More This Black Friday With Skipper Bar

Get More This Black Friday With Skipper Bar

Black Friday 2019 Promotion: 5 Easy Steps to “Get More” this Black Friday.

It’s that time of the year. Yes,  It’s the Get More Black Friday season.Skipper Bars Black Friday Get More Deals come from your favorite brands Puma, adidas, Nike, Levi’s and Superga to name a few. Want to know how to shop so you Get More this Black Friday?5 easy steps to Get More this Black Friday.


SkaLala – Don’t sleep, set that alarm clock

You’ve heard about ‘the early bird getting the worm’. See where the nearest Skipper Bar store is to you. Get there early to grab the best deals IN YOUR SIZE! Get to choose the specials whilst stock last. You don’t want to find your store all cleaned up. Skalala, set that alarm clock and be there when the doors open.


Skasala – Adjust your budget

Black Friday is just a few weeks away, make sure you kept some cash on the side. Get the deals without having to go get a loan. Don’t forget to put aside money for food and transport before going crazy shopping. Plan ahead and prioritize products you would like to buy first. Also shop for the best deals so you have more to spend on other things.


Skaphapha – Make a shopping list

With so many deals it’s easy to overspend or to buy stuff you really don’t need. A shopping list will help you focus on buying what you really need. Break down your shopping list into different segments like sneakers, jackets, t-shits so that you can shop for items missing in your wardrobe.


Skarasa – Keep it on the low

Remember its limited stock available for Black Friday deals the less you spread the word, the more you take home 😉 Search for store locations that you believe won’t be crazy busy on Black Friday. Usually stores located out of the CBD or township will be less busy than those in town.


Dress comfortable

This day, don’t dress to impress. Black Friday is not one of those days that could be an all-day chaotic experience. Walking mall to mall, shop to shop and standing in long lines. Wear comfortable sneakers and sweat pants or shorts, it might be a scorcher! Drink lots and lots of water, you don’t want to pass out waiting in line.

Follow these 5 easy steps and you will Get More with Skipper Bar this Black Friday. Feel free to share this article or comment with your black Friday shopping tips.

Skipper Bar, we own the City. 

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