Balling Style, Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini – Pay homage to its heritage and stature

When a legendary brand like Sergio Tacchini joins the group, you want to pay homage to its heritage and stature.

So to present the brand to both new and existing brand fans in the most fitting way possible, the luxurious Four Seasons Westcliff Hotel in Johannesburg would set the scene. Nestled atop the hillside, this secluded accommodation for both leisure and business travelers was undoubtedly the perfect location backdrop for the Sergio Tacchini photoshoot.


Sergio Tacchini


Focusing on capturing the distinguishing images that would showcase the Sergio Tacchini brand ethos.

A collaboration of great talent, from photographer, to make-up artist, to the models, the lifestyle range of the Sergio Tacchini was indeed authenticated. The summer 2020 range of this prominent yet prestigious label shapes the outer world the wearer lives in.


Sergio Tacchini


An aspirational lifestyle brand of Italian design decent, rooted in tennis and emulating itself on the bodies of fashion-conscious men, Sergio Tacchini has stood the test of time when it comes to style.

With distinctive styling, Sergio Tacchini is sophisticated and quietly unassuming. The brand signature connects the cultures of sportswear and fashion, it adds a bold stroke to your wardrobe. If you are the person who expresses themselves through their fashion, or are a person born to disrupt the status quo and live your life freely, this brand is for you.


Sergio Tacchini


Generations have chosen Sergio Tacchini from the tennis obsessed, to the football terracewear-ers in the 70’s, and the hip hop culture of the 90’s.

Consumers have chosen Sergio Tacchini as a form of expression. The antithesis of construct – just like Sergio Tacchini intended, by bringing the first colour uniforms to the all-white tennis courts.


Sergio Tacchini


Famous or not, Sergio Tacchini is the choice for those who choose to be themselves, to live their lives freely and shape the world they live in.

This exclusive brand is unique in that it still appeals to a generation where the brand played a critical role in their life experiences. And as it does now, to a new generation of creative disruptors.


Sergio Tacchini


Don’t follow the crowd, redirect your wardrobe compass to include this quietly disruptive range.

Exclusive to Studio 88 and Skipper Bar, explore the latest range of Sergio Tacchini apparel and accessories instore or online at Studio 88.



– Photographer: Brandon Barnard
– Videographer: Mathew De Bruyn
– Makeup artist: Melissa Artistry
– Models: Ochechi Adah & Collin Dieter
– Director: Montana Wernars
– Location: Four Season Westcliff
– Prop: BMW 325 is


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