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Lay-bye How To’s – on Your Fashion Musts

There is no need to miss out on your fashion favourites. To ensure you get the latest trends in town, you can secure these by taking out a Lay-bye. With only 30% deposit, and paying the outstanding balance over the following two (2) months, it’s a done deal.

Take out a lay-bye on your clothing and footwear needs so you don’t need to go without. Get the brands you love at the best prices. To secure your purchase, pay a minimum of 30% deposit, with a payment period of three (3) months – interest free.

Our Lay-Bye is easy as 1, 2, 3!


Visit your nearest Skipper Bar store.   Select the items you wish to purchase and ensure you have selected the correct sizes. Indicate you wish to Lay-bye your selection. Provide your ID/driver’s license and contact details to get started. KEEP YOUR TILL SLIP SAFE. *Note that Limited Editions and Sale items are not available for Lay-bye. Pay a minimum of 30% deposit.   A minimum of 30% deposit is required and the outstanding amount is to be paid in full over the next two (2) months. *Note that full payment must be received within a three (3) month period from the date of purchase. Remember to keep your till slips safe for collection date. Collect your items!   Once the 3 month lay-bye period has been completed and full payment has been received, collection may be made with proof of payment. To ensure speedy assistance, please provide your payment receipts and ID/driver’s license for verification. Congrats! You are now the proud owner of some awesome new fashion gear!



Lay-bye Terms & Conditions


Please bring your original Lay-bye till slip to make a payment. When you make your last payment, you should have the original copy of your till slip and/or bank statement and/or your ID/driver’s license. If you are unable to collect your Lay-bye, the person you send on your behalf will be required to provide a letter of consent from you with a copy of your ID as confirmation of your wishes. The bearer should also have the till slip and/or bank statement that they are collecting the Lay-bye on your behalf.


You will need to provide the original Lay-bye till slip or bank statement as proof of payments as well as proof of your identity. Only the till slip holder may cancel a Lay-bye for refund. You, the cashier and the manager will then sign refund documentation. On cancellation of your Lay-bye, you will receive a full refund of the money you have paid to date with no cancellation charges.


Skipper Bar will accept returns within sixty (60) days of purchase. The goods must be in their original shop purchased condition with swing tags attached and shoe box where relevant along with the till slip or bank statement indicating proof of purchase.

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