Black Friday, Tips and Tricks

Get Ready for Black Friday Shopping at Skipper Bar

Find the best deals on footwear, clothing and accessories this Black Friday by shopping at Skipper Bar. This year, we’re bringing you great discounts on all your favourite brands. Stock up on clothing essentials for men and kids. Get branded sneakers at the best prices. Wondering how to get the most from Black Friday shopping at Skipper Bar? Keep reading to get our expert tips.

Black Friday Shopping at Skipper Bar

Beat the sales without the headache with these tips for Black Shopping at Skipper Bar.

Know what you want

Don’t wait until you’re in the store to decide what you want, start making a list now. Visit the website brand or product pages and look for the items you are wanting to buy. The goal here is to save on things you don’t really need. Be aware of pre Black Friday prices so that you only buy, where you are saving – unless you really want that item.

Get a strategy into place

Next up, plan your shopping. Many stores get ahead of competitors by running sales before Black Friday arrives. This year Black Friday is on 26 November, the last Friday in the month. Check your favourite stores’ websites often and sign up for newsletters to get in on the action so you are in as soon as sales kick-off. You can then put together a plan for the day itself. It’s a good idea to find out the store opening hours (these may be different from regular trading hours). Be ready to get there early – you may have to queue to avoid missing out on the best deals and to ensure you get your size.

Avoid newbie mistakes

It’s not a great idea to have the kids with you, try to find someone to take care of them in your absence. The last thing you want in a crowded shop is kids who are getting bored and restless. If they’re old enough they could be key to you shopping and them standing in the queue or you split the list and get your shopping all done quickly. It could be an option to go with cash but be weary, there are lots of opportunists around on the day. You could also set a limit on your card to ensure you don’t overspend. The point of Black just because it’s got a discount or sale tag. Avoiding wearing colours like red as other shoppers could think you are a store employee. Finally, wear comfortable shoes and light clothing. Wear your most comfortable pair of sneakers… you’ll be glad you wore them.

Ready to get planning? Skipper Bar will be running their Black Friday sale from 19 November to 5 December 2021. Check out the current range of men’s and kids’ clothing and get inspiration for your Black Friday shopping at Skipper Bar stores.