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Skipper Bar Winter Sale

Get on down to a Skipper Bar near you and save on winter apparel with our Winter Sale! Shop the latest branded winter wear & beat the chill in fashionable style.

As winter kicks into full gear, updating your wardrobe with cosy and fashionable winter clothing that will keep you warm during this winter chill becomes a priority. At Skipper Bar, we offer a wide range of branded winter wear that combines functionality with style and fashion. Whether you’re on the lookout for branded hoodies, jackets, track pants and sweaters, we’ve got you covered, literally!

Join us as we explore some popular brands now available at Skipper Bar.

Branded Winter Wear to Keep You Warm and Cosy

  1. Puma: Puma offers an imaginative selection of winter wear and is known for its sporty yet trendy apparel and footwear. Its jackets are designed with weather-resistant and insulation materials that protect you from the cold. Puma apparel combines style and comfort while ensuring maximum breathability. Puma’s winter wear is perfect for casual outings and outdoor activities, with their jackets, sweaters, and track pants providing an extra layer of warmth and style.
  2. London Republic: London Republic is the brand for you if you’re looking for fashionable winter wear with a touch of casual sophistication. Its jackets are designed with attention to detail and feature exquisite cuts and high-quality materials. Skipper Bar caters to the cool in you and the cold around you, from the London Republic Long Length Parka Jacket in olive to the London Republic Parka Jacket in blue/grey. Pair these jackets with sweaters, track pants, and jeans from the London Republic brand.
  3. Nikos: The Nikos brand is known for its premium quality, warmth and durability. Its jackets are made with high-quality materials, ensuring insulation from the bitingly cold winter chill. Our Nikos range has a range of options to suit your style. From Nikos padded bomber jackets to heat seal crewneck sweaters and even cuffed chinos, our collection of Nikos apparel guarantees comfort and style throughout the winter season.
  4. Volkswagen: Contrary to popular belief, Volkswagen is not just about cars. They also offer fantastic winter apparel such as jackets, hoodies, track pants, and sweaters. The innovative Volkswagen brand features reflective jackets, warm hoodies and stylish sweaters, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts brave enough to brace against the cold in the name of adventure. Pair the Volkswagen hoodies with Volkswagen track pants and sweaters for a coordinated look and stylish finish.
  5. Adidas: the adidas brand is a household name in the world of sport and fashion and every athletic lover’s dream, offering a diverse range of winter wear. Its jackets feature cutting-edge technologies and modern designs that keep you comfortable in any weather. Whether you’re hitting the track, the court or the street, the adidas range of track pants, sweaters, hoodies, and winter jackets is perfect for modern sports enthusiasts looking to be comfortable while remaining stylish. This hugely popular brand is a definite must-have for any winter wardrobe.
  6. ellesse: The ellesse brand brings a touch of bold charm to their winter wear collection. Its jackets, sweaters, track pants, hoodies, toweling bucket hats, and neck warmers feature the iconic signature logo, high-quality materials, and stylish designs that have stood the test of time. Its jackets provide excellent insulation, while its trendy, warm, and cosy track pants keep you fashionable throughout winter.
  7. Evans Beanies: Are you looking to keep more than just your body warm? The Evans Beanie and bucket hat collection at Skipper Bar has got you covered. Not only are the beanies stylish and warm, but their design is also comfortable, versatile, and soft, making them an excellent choice for laid-back winter wear.

Skipper Bar’s substantial collection of branded winter wear will keep you warm and stylish throughout this winter season. Whether you prefer track pants, hoodies, sweaters or jackets, we’ve got a lil something for everyone.

Come on down to a Skipper Bar near you and upgrade your wardrobe with brands such as adidas, ellesse, Puma, Nikos, Volkswagen, London Republic, and Evans. Don’t let the chilly winter season dampen your style. Embrace this winter season with Skipper Bar and your fashionable self!