Navigating the Trend with Skipper Bar

Navigating the Trend with Skipper Bar

Cargo Cool, Navigating the Trend with Skipper Bar!

Once reserved for rugged outdoor experiences, cargo pants have become a popular streetwear staple, making a reputable comeback in fashion. Kitting out trendsetters all over Jozi, from the streets to the boardrooms, Skipper Bar has got you kitted, fitted, dripped, and kicked out.


Join us as we showcase our trendsetting cargo fits that will have you owning the city in style!

But first, here are eight reasons why you should choose cargo pants.


Eight Reasons Cargo Pants Are OG’s 

  1. Cargo pants are popular with designer labels.
  2. They are available in various shades and different colours.
  3. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Need we say more?
  4. They are ideal for casual and professional settings.
  5. They are easy to keep clean.
  6. They are highly functional and fashionable.
  7. They are convenient and easy to style.
  8. They are available almost everywhere.


Cargo Couture: The New Classic

No longer just utilitarian, cargo pants are now a trendsetting fashion statement. The London Republic Cargo Pants in Black effortlessly blend style and functionality. Pair yours with the Volkswagen Piping Slim Fit T-Shirt for a sleek, modern look perfect for a day traversing the city.



Earthy Elegance

Pair the Nikos Men’s Cuffed Cargo in Tan with the Kappa Banda Vesto Tee in Beige for a laid-back look with a touch of earthy charm. This look is effortlessly relaxed yet refined and is perfect for a leisurely stroll or brunch with friends.


Bold and Blue

The London Republic Cargo Pants in China Blue makes quite the style statement, demanding attention and turning heads wherever you go. Pair yours with the adidas VRCT Tee in Earth Strata/Brown for a bold, balanced, eye-catching, and stylish look.


Timeless Tones

Opt for the classic and versatile Nikos Men’s Cuffed Cargo in Navy or Grey and pair it with the Ellesse Contrio Chevron Stripe Golfer in White/Moon. This timeless ensemble transitions effortlessly from daytime attire to nighttime fit!


Neutral Territory

The Nikos Men’s Cuffed Cargo in Beige or Dark Brown is an understated yet effortlessly chic look. Its neutral tone creates a clean and polished canvas, perfect for most occasions.


Stride Into Style

No cargo-inspired look is complete without a pair of perfect kicks that are as stylish as they are comfortable. Add a rugged edge to your ensemble with the Rhapsody Casual Boots in Dark Brown or Brown. The Paul Of London Arthur Casual Mid Boots in Olive or Chocolate are perfect for a more laid-back vibe, while the Puma Rebound Layup Sneakers in White/Grey or the Superga Tape Alpina Shoes in White/Red Logo are perfect for a sporty twist.


The cargo pants trend is here to stay, and Skipper Bar is here for it! From classic hues to bold shades, versatile tees, and stylish footwear, we’ve got something for everyone to confidently embrace owning the city, one cargo look at a time. Shop the latest branded cargo pants, boots, sneakers, tees, and golfers in-store now!

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