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Dressing For The Holidays

Dressing for Easter is a time to let your sweet style groove loose. Read about how to dress for Easter and denim trend insights from Levi’s & London Republic!

Dressing For The Holidays

It feels like Christmas and New Year have only just ended but stores are reminding us that the Easter egg hunt is imminent for kids… and some adults! Holiday time is great for families and recharging those batteries. It’s also a great time to give your best outfits some social attention credits. 

So, to ensure you have some holiday spirit in your outfits, be prepared for weather changes. By ticking that box, you can put a hop onto your get together – being prepared. 

Here are some denim trends to dress for Easter from the kings of denim themselves, Levi’s and London Republic.

Dressing For Easter With Colours

Quiet, pale and light colours set your smart dial up straight away. Light denim is on trend, with the 2022/23 focus being on the lightness of spirit and joy – something we all need!. 

If lighter shades of denim are not for you, then choose deeper tones in colour. Try a deep purple top that’s darker than the jeans,or consider a teal shirt as an alternate on the colour spectrum. Our Sergio Tacchini embroidered men’s sweatshirt is a great example of ‘deep teal’. If that does not thrill you, try the Sergio Tacchini Men’s T-Shirt in Saxony Blue which would look good with a dark coloured jacket and a pair of P Crouch & Co Mens Marble Hishine Casual Shoes In Navy.

Dressing For The Occasion With Patterns

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Maybe blocks of colour don’t suit your personality and patterns or prints are more your groove. Floral prints are trendy but have limited appeal as not everyone is bold – wear them and stand out! Geometric patterns are a good option like those featured in the Sergio Tacchini 3/4 zip pullover jacket. Prints don’t have to contrast; they can be monochromatic with only texture differentiating them from the main fabric.

Match your pattern up with a block of neutral colour from Levi’s 501 straight leg black jeans that have the “in-fashion-again” stacking hem at your ankle and our P Crouch & Co’s HiShine Casual shoes. Other neutral colours you might enjoy are stone and all shades of brown, grey, white, cream, olive and dark shades of blue. 

Denim Trends

DSC 4396 copy

Fashion is always evolving and how to wear your denims is no exception. This keeps dressing up fun and interesting, much like hairstyles! One of the big changes rolling in again is the length of your jeans. Our London Republic slim fit jeans in dark wash nebula are a great style that can fashionably stack around your ankles or wear cropped, cuffed or pin-rolled. 

So, this season, uncuff or unroll your longer jeans and keep your cropped denims for casual events. 

Now you’re ready to cruise through the holidays. Enjoy, please guys, let the kids find some of the eggs too!

For more dressing for Easter tips and great looks from Levi’s & London Republic, visit a Skipper Bar store near you.