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Instaclean – We know just how important it is to keep your drip fresh. Sneakerhead or not – a clean pair of sneakers can pull a fit together and take you from zero to hero.

Instaclean’s ozone friendly formula has been specially crafted to remove the toughest stains from kicks and formal shoes, whether it’s leather, suede or nubuck. Follow link to view more about the product.

The INSTACLEAN product range starts at R59.99, meaning our INSTACLEAN product range will do just the trick without breaking the bank.

1) The INSTACLEAN Sneaker Shampoo just needs a good shake and is good to go for removing all surface dirt from shoes and don’t forget to wipe or brush off any obvious residue before you spray.
2) The INSTACLEAN Sneaker White & Sneaker Black are the perfect product for maintaining the colour of your white kicks or black sneakers – the products sponge tip also aids in easy product application.
3) The INSTACLEAN Sneaker Protector is formulated with Nano Technology and is able to invisibly shield and protect shoes against oil stains, water penetration, dirt and moisture.
4) The INSTACLEAN Suede and Nubuck Reviver, available in navy blue, dark brown, tan, black and neutral, suitable for all suede and nubuck shoes. The INSTACLEAN Reviver renovates and invigorates the original colour of your suede and nubuck shoes leaving them rain and stain resistant. Remember to follow the INSTACLEAN usage instructions for application indicated on the labelling.

By using the INSTACLEAN range, you’ll have clean looking shoes, that are water resistant and the bonus is that our special formulation will have your much loves sneakers smelling fresh too.

Available at Skipper Bar stores nationwide.

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