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Men’s Winter Essentials – The Skipper Bar Way

What Should Men Wear In Winter

Men’s attire in winter should keep you warm and stylish. When it comes to coats, get yourself a leather jacket, pea coat, wool overcoat, denim jacket, wool blazer, wool suits, or trench coat. If you want something cozier and comfier, go for a flannel shirt, turtleneck, cardigan, oversize jumper jersey, zip-up sweater, or a cable knit crew. Keep your legs warm with a versatile pair of black or selvedge denim jeans. Lastly, must-have accessories include boots, a beanie, and wool socks.

As every season comes and goes, what you wear is incredibly important. Winter is a beautiful time of the year, although chilly. When it comes to dressing for the weather, certain items are considered definite must-haves, so you can stay warm and look incredibly fresh and stylish. If you’re in search of style inspiration in the icy temperature, look no further. Here are some toasty and trendy wardrobe essentials for every man the Skipper Bar way.


The ultimate winter staple is boots. There’s a lot to love for this sturdy footwear, but their real winning quality is the style and comfort they provide. There are so many designs that you can incorporate into an outfit, and look super fresh while in them. What’s awesome about these shoes is the number of ways you can work them into your wardrobe, so nothing is stopping you from rocking them the Skipper Bar way? Puma, Nikos and Paul Of London has exactly what you need in store.


Nothing says hey look at me like a pair of well fitted skinny, slim leg and slim straight jeans. The denser and firmer denim is a great way to put a casual twist on any outfit while remaining sophisticated and well-kept. Selvedge is considered one of the higher-quality pairs of pants, so it’s worth wearing, no matter where you’re headed. Pair them with a shirt, golfer or plain T-shirt and blazer or an overcoat for days when it’s a bit crisp outside will turn heads. Shop a pair of London Republic and Levi’s jeans at Skipper Bar stores.


Instantly add sophistication to your outfit with a polo neck. This standard piece of clothing looks fantastic with a shirt, blazer, or even a denim jacket, so let your inner creativity shine through. If you’re feeling like channeling old-school classic/essential style, go for a pair of chinos, a dark skivvy, and slicked back hair. You can’t go wrong with this iconic attire, so make sure you have a couple of them in your wardrobe! Baroni is the perfect brand for you to be fashionable the Skipper Bar Way.