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Have you ever wondered why some people do not invest in self-development and what the consequences of those choices are? Well, you’re not alone. To ensure that you take your self-development as seriously as you should, Skipper Bar and ellesse is giving you a chance to invest in your self-development with our MONZA Mindset promotion! Wanna know more? We’ve got you. But first, let’s explore why some people never self-invest, what the consequences are in the long run, and how to strategise to ensure that you meet your self-development goals!

“If your development does not include the development of self, it is incomplete.” – Skipper Bar.

It’s long been said that self-development is a personal choice, and while countless people choose self-development, others take a little longer to invest in their self-development, with others not self-investing at all.

Here are five reasons why some people do not invest in self-development.



Seven Reasons Why People Do Not Self-Invest

  1. Sometimes understanding the importance of investing in your self-development comes years later, and sometimes not at all. For this reason, people often neglect to invest in themselves.
  2. The human ego is responsible for many lost opportunities, convincing us that we know everything and is one of the main reasons for the lack of self-development.
  3. The uncertainty of leaving behind a comfort zone kills more dreams than trying, failing, learning, and growing ever will and remains one of the biggest reasons for the lack of self-investment.
  4. Learning a new skill can, at times, be incredibly inconvenient. Because most people do not enjoy being made uncomfortable, they often do not take the time to invest in self-development.
  5. Because we live in an age of instant messaging, ready-made apps, and immediate photography, instant gratification is seemingly more attractive and prevents many people from putting in the time for self-development.

While these five reasons are only a few of the many causes why people do not invest in self-development, it is enough to cause us to reconsider our own self-development. To further encourage you, here are five personal development strategies to get you started on your self-development journey!

Five Self-Development Strategies

  1. Set Your Self-Development Goals – Setting clear career goals and objectives helps identify the benchmark for success. Setting specific, measurable, and realistic goals will help you focus on what’s important while giving you room to maximise and achieve your goals.
  2. Write It Down and Make It Plain – Commit your goals to paper or draw up a digital to-do list. Create a checklist of the goals you want to achieve, starting from the smallest to the biggest and then get to work achieving them.
  3. Start Small – Breaking down your goals into small steps allows you to better focus on accomplishing each one without any of them seeming too daunting.
  4. Improve Your Existing Skillset – When it comes to self-development, concentrating on improving your existing skillset can make all the difference. Improving your current skillset not only boosts your confidence but also makes room for new opportunities to put your improved skill to practice.
  5. Think Like A Winner – Are you afraid of failing? Failing proves that you tried, and addressing those failures with the mindset of a winner allows you to grow and learn from them. Successful people have what is referred to as a ‘growth mindset’, allowing them to conquer fears and failure one self-development investment at a time.

These five self-development strategies are but only a few that you can use to boost your self-development process.

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