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Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini Seasonal Photoshoot

In regards it’s history, Sergio Tacchini has its roots in Italy, it connects all genres and genders by bridging the gap between sportswear and leisurewear. With its feet firmly planted under the athleisure umbrella when it comes to fashion, the Sergio Tacchini brand is the quintessential form of expression for those who choose to be themselves. Exclusive to the Studio 88 Group of Companies, you’ll find the latest range of Sergio Tacchini apparel, footwear and accessories at selected stores. 

This autumn saw the latest range of Sergio Tacchini perfectly captured in the City of Gold’s lush landscapes of a beautiful venue, Pablo House and models Gemaen Taylor and Kevikev showcasing the collection. Sparks flew from the energy released by these guys.

They rocked the classic range of tracksuits, in edgy prints and silhouettes with subtle stand outs. Comfy crewnecks, stylish windbreakers, textured and classic t-shirts, clean cut golf shirts with high top sneakers finished off with backpacks, duffel bags, side bags, bucket hats and peak caps. Each garment holding true to Sergio Tacchini’s classic signature with a trending and unique take on what fashion stands for. The range is truly a testament to Sergio Tacchini being a brand that one can wear from head to toe in confidence.  

Our creative team shot the new range at Mellville’s Pablo House.

 An inner-city oasis that combines comfort and elegance, quite similarly to the way we would describe the Sergio Tacchini brand itself. Gemaen Taylor, an SA multimedia personality, Men’s Health cover star, and voted GQ South Africa’s best dressed in 2019, and Kevikev, a self-proclaimed “rapfluencer” and no stranger to the pages of GQ South Africa saw the duo on screen dynamic can be seen.

This range is exclusively available at Skipper Bar stores nationwide.

Photographer: Matt de Bruyn

Brand and Production Manager: Nevan Munian

Stylist: Jahaan van de Ross

Models: Gemaen Taylor and Kevikev

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