ellesse Heritage Printed Tshirt Fiery Grey

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ellesse Heritage Printed Tshirt Fiery Grey

ellesse - cropped ellesse logo 01 300x300 - ellesse Heritage Printed Tshirt Fiery Grey ellesse Heritage Printed Tshirt Fiery Grey

Italian Sportswear. Be young, be bold, be stylish, be glamorous … be ellesse.

The ellesse Heritage Printed Tshirt Fiery Grey offers a classic look and feel with ultimate comfort. 

Born from the Umbrian capital city of Perugia in 1959 from the mind of tailor Leonardo Servadio, ellesse derived its name from his initials L & S. The collection didn’t hit it big until the 70’s & 80’s after being heavily involved in the tennis scene, ellesse then paved its own way into fashion with sports & fashion collaborations before being adopted by football culture. A peak of a modern day 80’s resurgence, ellesse has made a comeback with a collaborative collection from their 80’s range of Casual wear. Working on collaborations, sharing stories with a like-minded community and moving forward to design casual-inspired clothing.

Dave Hewitson and Jay Montessori, founders of the popular stockist and design business, 80’s Casuals were honoured when being asked by ellesse to work on a collaboration, the duo are long-time fans of the popular sports brand and looked into the finest details to make this collaboration a milestone for the future. They carefully selected the best flagship pieces from the historic collection, picking the finest fabrics and taking attention to detail with premium packaging including history of the brand. The little subtle touches often make an incredible product, this is certainly the case here.

ellesse Heritage Printed Tshirt Fiery Grey.

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