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Three Summer Looks with Bafana Mthembu and Skipper Bar


It has often been said that imitation is the best form of flattery. In the case of Skipper Bar and Bafana Mthembu, that statement could not be more accurate as we showcase the content creator and 3X Prism award winner’s incredible knack for fashion and iconic style using apparel, footwear, and accessories straight from our store floor! So, gents, sit tight as we showcase Bafana’s top three Skipper Bar Summer looks!

The Dickies Jumpsuit Look

The first iconic look created by Bafana is ‘The Dickies Jumpsuit’ look. This street-smart look bends all the fashion rules and is divinely inspired for the casual at heart. Tackle the streets in style with the Dickies jumpsuit, the Dakotas Tommy Hi Shine loafers, and the Dickies bucket hat for a fantastic finish to a uber-cool look!

instagram Bafana

The Easy-Going Levi Jeans Look

Well, well, well. If it isn’t us Skipper Bar’ians staying on the straight and narrow! Our second look, put together by Bafana Mthembu, aka, Eezynkabi, is what fashion walks are made of and what sidewalks dream about! Go fashion walk ready with the Levi straight-cut jeans, P Crouch Loafers, and Dickies khaki shirt! Why you may wonder? Because sidewalks can be fashionable too!

instagram Bafana

The Sergio Tacchini Sporty Look

Last but not least, this winning sporty look perfectly summarises the last of our three fashionable looks. The Sergio Tacchini Golfer, Track Pants, and sneakers go together beautifully while creating an air of sophisticated casualness for a bold yet simple and classic sporty look!


Throwing together any of the three looks is as easy as getting down to a Skipper Bar store near you!

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