Back to School

Back to School with a touch of Cool

Back to School with a touch of Cool

It’s Back to School! Back to school to us means Back to Cool, it’s Back to being the coolest in school. It’s back to being the coolest in class. It’s back to wearing the coolest uniform in school. It’s back to the class of cool. What’s cooler than fresh uniform for a fresh year.

The “Cool Uniform”. Over the years South African schoolers have created the ‘Cool uniform”. This “Cool Uniform” is made up by switching up the grey school trousers for the classic Dickies trousers. Picking the Grasshopper over the usual school shoes. How can we forget the designers bag backs to carry your books in style! How did we get here though? How did the South African schoolers create this ‘’Cool Uniform”? Read below to find out how Skipper Bar can help you be wearing the coolest uniform in school.

Dickies Trousers Wave

High school boys do more than just learning. High school boys play sports and do so much more. High school boys need strong good quality trousers for school. After most parents saw that grey trousers did not last that long, they started looking for an alternative. They wanted a stronger alternative. Since most South Africans parents buy clothing items based on the value or quality, they started searching for trousers that are affordable and strong. Dickies was the best option they could find. The quality was amazing and the durability was unbelievable. Parents started to replace the grey trousers with the black Dickies trousers because they last longer and they are value for money. Get your Dickies trousers for a cool long-lasting school steez.


Grasshopper Shoes

When buying schools shoes parents must always keep in mind that school shoes are more than just school shoes. School shoes are also playing shoes. School shoes are also casual shoes to some kids and teens. This makes durability and comfort a very important element when purchasing a school shoe. The locally handmade Grasshopper Tornado won a lot of hearts with its comfort and leather upper for durability. The Grasshopper Tornado started to be the number one preferred school shoe. The extra sole made it last longer for people who walk an extra mile every day. Get yourself or your kid some Grasshopper and you won’t have to worry about school shoe for a while.

Back Pack

While the basic function of a back pack is to carry books or sports gear. South African schoolers saw this as an opportunity to use back pack to express their personality and style. From bright colors to stand out at school too simple branded back pack to show off your steez. It’s no doubt your school back pack says a lot about who you are. Stand out at school with the bright and vibrant designed back packs from DMD or keep it simple and fresh with an adidas branded back pack. If you love trends jump on the ellesse branded back pack and complete the combo with an ellesse duffle bag for all your sport gear.


Well it might be back to school but at Skipper Bar it’s Back to Cool. Keep your Back to School gear at your nearest skipper Bar store!

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